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‘To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition.’

Albert Einstein

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dum dum dummm... dum dee dum, dum dee dum

Father's Day is Sunday.

The kids have caught our Star Wars obsession. When asked what they wanted to give their father, they replied Star Wars Legos. He has enough of those, thankyouverymuch. We compromised, combining that obsession with our newer one of letterboxing. It took me two tries to get this, but I'm happy with the results. I don't know if he'll plant this in a box or keep it for himself, but I hope he'll like it.

Top picture is the inspiration, from Stamp is on the lower right, made out of PZ Cut. Stamped image is on the lower left (duh).

(psst... don't say anything about this to my husband!)

My first scarf!

I want to make myself a wrap. The pattern I found called for Lion Brand Homespun yarn. My coworkers cursed the yarn, saying it was tough to use, but kindly they gave me some of their leftovers to try it out. I scaled down the wrap design to make a scarf. It's soft and warm and earmarked for Made By Hand. I'm reluctant to give it up, but I have several scarves made by my mom and don't really need another.

What have I learned from crochet projects so far? I love patterns that don't require any thought. Double crochet, chain, double crochet, chain... hit the end, turn, and repeat. Some day I'll do patterns that require counting, but for now I like the mindless repetition.

A lime green Hershey kiss?

It's a crochet hat, made with super-chunky yarn and fun fur, to be donated to Made By Hand. I giggled all through this project, working with a hook thicker than my thumb. I have enough yarn for about 2 more hats.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Archiving the 'Inspiration of the Moment'

"I think all artists--whether they paint, write,
sing or play music, write for the theater or movies, make poetry or
sculpture--all of these are first of all pleasure-givers. People who
like to bring delight to other people, and hereby gain pleasure and
satisfaction for themselves.
"I am in no sense of the word a great artist. I have always had artists
working for me whose skills were greater than my own. Behind Disneyland
was this great organization...and we were doing it because we loved to
do it. Disneyland is a work of love." --Walt Disney

(Thanks to Mark Pearce on the Inside the Magic podcast for the quote.)

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